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Simple, secure and fast currency transfersA refreshing alternative to your bank

More currency for your money

Banks and brokers can make a lot of money when they sell you currency.

You send funds in one currency and they return less* in another currency.

How much less depends on the amount you are changing but it can be up to 4% (excluding travel money which can have a mark-up of up to 15% at airports)*.

We reduce our profit margin on the exchange rate and pass the savings on to you (minimum transaction size £5,000).


* percentages stated are from regular comparisons with High Street banks, brokers and bureaux

How does it work?

Register online. Our compliance team will check your application and activate your account if everything is in order. You can then log-in and buy currency online, inform us where it needs to be sent and relax.

Is it safe?

Our payments are processed by Ebury Partners. They move £3 billion worth of currency each year. Your funds are safely held in ring-fenced client accounts just as they would be with a lawyer.

How do we offer the best rate?

We can save you money by reducing the amount of profit we make on the exchange rate. In effect we give you a wholesale exchange rate (which is usually reserved for big corporate clients).

Show me the money...

Let's assume that you are changing £50,000 into euros.

If the "market rate" is 1.266 and your bank offers you 1.247 they will make a hidden "profit" of 1.5% or 950 euros.That 950 euros is your money.

We will still make a profit but, using our automated online platform, we don't need to be nearly so greedy. Why should your hard earned money be used to pay for staff bonuses, expensive offices and big marketing budgets?

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